About Me

How can I tell you about me? Where do I start?
Well let’s see.. This blog was started in around June 2014 to document all the shenanigans that I was planning to happen during my 7 week long trip to USA and oh boy was there shenanigans. On my return from USA I decided that sharing my adventures as they happened was a good way to not only let friends and family know what I am up to but for my friends and I to look back on and laugh at all the little funny things that we had forgotten. So this blog thing is kind of fun and I am still enjoying every minute of it.

Now a bit about me, my name is Jessica, but my friends call me either Jeffy or Weather, long stories but that helps you a little with the name of this blog. I am an architecture graduate working full time for a firm in Canberra, Australia.
Things I love; Architecture (obviously), Photography, Animals, Snorkeling, Travel, Food and to some degree Fitness (but my love for food is greater hehe). Travel is by far the winner of all my loves, I live to explore and create memories that I can hold on to and share forever.

Random fact: I am lactose intolerant, which makes travelling difficult most of the time but often does not stop me trading a delicious treat for a day long bellyache.

Thanks for reading.

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