Road Trip Day 2 – Port Stephens to Kempsey

Early start today, I couldn’t sleep past 6am anyway so it worked in my favour to get up and go early. We grabbed our things and headed for Shoal Bay.

When we got to Shoal Bay which is actually a really nice little place we left dad to adventure on his own while Mum and I headed for Tomaree Mountain Summit. Going into it I was a little nervous Mum would struggle because of the grade 5 rating and the steepness of the mountain. But it ended up only taking us an hour (half the recommended time) and it was relatively easy so that was good. The view from the top is also really beautiful so I totally recommend this walk to anyone in the area.

After our walk dad met us back in Shoal Bay (after purchasing himself some new fishing gear) for some breakfast. There was a little cafe directly opposite the jetty called The Shoal Bay Country Club which did an alright breakfast with a view.

Once we were fed and walked it was time to make our way further north to our real destination. I had seen and heard some good things about The Great Lakes of NSW so we did a little detour through the area, stopping at Forster for a look around and a break from the car. I personally wasn’t a big fan of this area but I can see why people might like it.

From Forster we headed straight through to Kempsey where we spent a few hours playing with some puppies at a friends place. We will be picking up one tomorrow to take home with us.

After our play time it was back south to Port Macquarie for the night but by this time it was around 4pm and we still had no accommodation. Luckily Mantra had a room and parking so we locked that in and went out in search of dinner. While exploring we found a mustang car club meet up which was exciting. Dad has a mustang so it was good to have a look and what other people had done with theirs. We eventually had some dinner at The Grill which did a pretty good feed for not a bad price. The Lamb shanks I ordered were a nice meal. From dinner we walked back home to relax and bed.

FYI – I won’t be doing a day 3 of this series as the drive back home from Kempsey to Canberra was basically all highway with very little stopping. A long 8-9 hour boring drive.

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