Road Trip Day 1 – Canberra to Port Stephens

Adventure time! We left Canberra around 7.30am and made our way north towards Port Stephens. The highway is pretty boring so we made a detour through The Entrance NSW for a little excitement.

The Entrance is a nice place, it has a vibe kind of like if Cairns and Port Douglas had a baby but on a smaller scale. We had some fish and chips overlooking the water and bridge which wasn’t a bad way to stretch and kill some time.

Continuing on we drove along the waters edge until we reached the Port Stephens area. Stopping in the main PS / Nelson’s Bay town area we explored the Marina and shopping. Not a bad little area I thought and the boats docked at the marina are beautiful. The sand is so white and fluffy with still glass like silvery blue water. It’s impossible to get a bad photo of this area.

We decided to drop our things at the accommodation so we could spend a little time fishing before dinner. Our home for the night was Halifax Holiday Park in a cute little 2 bedroom cabin. For $190 I thought it was pretty good. The park had a beach exit out the back which connected to Shoal Bay… such a nice spot. Dad fished while Mum and I watched the sunset and spotted some dolphins only maybe 20m from shore. Couldn’t have asked for a better Friday night.

Once it was dark we decided to drop our stuff back at the cabin, grab some dinner and get ready for bed. I won’t give details because we only had dominos for dinner haha.

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