Autumn in Melbourne


This is a bit of a late blog but Erin and I decided to go to Melbourne in March for the International Flower and Garden Show. Such a grandma activity but we absolutely loved it and would recommend it to anyone thinking of maybe going.

Day 1

We caught a Thursday evening flight from Canberra to Melbourne after work which was a great idea (Flying in on Friday would have wasted half our day). Once we landed in Melbourne we caught the bus to Melbourne CBD and then a Tram to the northern part of the city near Q.V. markets which was where our YHA Metro hostel was located. The room we got was a 4 share female and we were sharing with 2 other girls but it was still good, it’s a pretty good hostel in my opinion.

Day 2

We had dedicated the whole of Friday to the garden show as we were unsure what to expect. The garden show is held at Carlton gardens which was within walking distance from our hotel so we got up early and set off on our way, stopping for brekky at a little cafe along our path.

The garden show is half indoors half outdoors with the indoor component held inside the Royal Exhibition Building which an impressive building, a visit to this building alone is worth your time. The show is actually much bigger than we originally thought so to cover all the exhibits, stalls and a few workshops that intrigued us ended up being most of the day. We made a call to stay until dark so that we could see the light display we heard about which was cool. Finally after 10-ish hours at the show we called it and started our search for food.

On our way back towards the hostel we were lucky enough to have Lygon Street within our path. For those new to Melbourne, Lygon Street is a Street full of restaurants (mostly Italian). We picked a spot, had some dinner and headed back to our room for the night.

Day 3

After our really long day on Friday we decided to have a pretty chilled Saturday so we started our morning with breakfast and exploring at the Q.V. Markets. These markets really do have everything and are a great way to kill an hour or two.

After the markets we dedicated the rest of the arvo to exploring Fitzroy as they have some adventure outlet stores (North Face, Patagonia etc) and a huge amount of restaurants/cafes and dessert shops.

Once we had conquered Fitzroy we went into the city to check out a few more stores before heading back to our hostel to relax.

After we spent some time relaxing we made a quick round trip back to the city to a place called Garden State Hotel. This place is a restaurant / bar / club so it gets really busy and is quite formal (we didn’t quite dress the part). The food, drinks and vibe of the place is great, it’s absolutely buzzing and would make a fantastic place for a girls night out with dinner, drinks and dancing. Not to mention the fit out is amazing – lights, trees, level changes.. it’s really nice. After a few drinks and dinner we headed to our hostel for the night, no partying for us.

Day 4

Prior to coming to Melbourne I had heard great things about the National Gallery of Victoria especially the current exhibits they had running in March. We decided to check it out and personally I thought it was a great way to spend a few hours in Melbourne. It would be a perfect wet weather option.

After the Gallery I heard a lot about this South Melbourne Market but had never been so we jumped on a tram and went to check it out. This place is great! Probably even better than Q.V. Markets. Lots of food, heaps of shopping, lots of produce and best of all lots of people with dogs!

It turned out the markets weren’t that far from the casino and we had time to kill so we decided to walk back into the city and along the river where we came across a pop up food event. Located right in front of the casino on the water serving food and drinks we thought why not relax and people watch here for a while (we both had pretty sore feet by this point). We spent an hour or so chilling in the sun before we decided we might head back to our hostel to shower before going to grab some dinner.

Due to our proximity to Lygon Street it only made sense that we went there for dinner again even though we were both craving Asian food. Once we got to Lygon Street it was completely packed and the street was full of Italian cars and Italian flags. Lucky for us Ferrari had one the Formula 1 racing that day and everyone had come to the most Italian place in Melbourne to celebrate. We sat by the road at a cute Thai restaurant and watched the show of cars cruising the streets. After dinner it was back to the hostel for our final night.

Day 5

We were headed back to Canberra today as it was Monday and we had told work we would make an appearance by lunch.

Obviously we couldn’t leave Melbourne without a morning coffee and breakfast so we got up early and made our way to Higher Ground. This place is beautiful, it’s an old church renovated inside to look modern while still keeping some of the charm. It’s also located right across from the skybus terminal at southern cross station so we had planned our morning well. Not only is the fitout cute but the coffee and breakfast is delicious, we highly recommend this place.

After breakfast it was time to head home. Our flight ended up being delayed for quite a while but eventually we ended up back in Canberra and into work (not before lunch though!)

Thanks for ready 🙂

Weather xx

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