Autumn in Sydney

Hi Guys,

It’s been a while since I posted anything to my blog but I thought I would share with you some of the smaller adventures I have had since my trip to Japan last year.

A few weeks ago my Mum and I spent a long weekend in Sydney seeing we were going up anyway to drop off my aunties dog and Mum had never really spent any time there.

So here is how we filled our 3 days, I hope you can get some ideas for your next Sydney weekend.

Day 1

We had driven up to Sydney, stopped via my aunties house in Menai and were now on our way to spend a few hours at Westfield Bondi Junction. Unfortunately the Airbnb we had booked had a 4pm check in time so we planned to spend a few hours shopping and having lunch until then. Bondi Junction is a pretty impressive mall and the food court is great, no typical McDonald’s or KFC. This food court has design your own laksa bars, fresh seafood cooked when you order and plenty of other fresh healthy food.

We finished shopping, picked up our room key and headed over to our Airbnb which was located in Waterloo between Botany Rd and Bourke Street. A decent location for quiet time but good public transport. We dropped off our things, got changed then jumped on a bus into the city for Vivid Sydney. Mum was so excited.

Once in the city we did quiet a long walk to see all the lights but I think it was a good route. Starting in Chinatown, we walked to Darling Harbour then Barangaroo then to George street via Wynard Walk and finally to The Rocks / Circular Quay. Personally I thought Vivid hadn’t changed much since previous years and was a little boring but I was there to make sure Mum got to see what she wanted. During our walk we also stopped at Old Town Hong Kong in Barangaroo for some dinner which was decently priced but great food.

Day 2

We had planned to visit some of the eastern beaches for our second day seeing as Mum had never been but first we had to consume many calories to burn.

About 1km down the road from where we were staying was the amazing pancake and breakfast place called Hale and Hearty (Danks St Waterloo). Mum and I were the first ones in at 8am which was peaceful. We ordered a stack of blueberry pancakes and a stack of tiramisu pancakes both with vegan ice cream – omg! Delish!!

After brekky we walked our fat butts through Surry Hills until we could jump on a bus direct to Coogee Beach. If you have some spare time, check our Surry Hills of a morning in autumn. The trees are beautiful and the streets are so cute and peaceful.

Once arriving in Coogee we begun the walk towards Bondi. Two tips, firstly the earlier you go the better because this walk gets busy really fast with tourists and secondly if you go in the warmer months bring your swimmers and a towel. This walk is best experienced by stopping at every beach or so and enjoying the gorgeous Sydney weather. The walk only took us around 2 hours to reach Bondi. At Bondi we made sure to grab some fish and chips followed by a 1.5L tub of Messina Gelato – this place does approx 8 – 10 vegan flavors (Salted Mango and Pandan are my two faves).

Since we finished a little earlier than anticipated we jumped on a bus to circular quay and spend the afternoon exploring the Royal Botanical Gardens which are quite lovely.

Finally to wrap up our day we headed over to Glebe Point Road for a delicious Indian dinner at Bombay Street Kitchen then jumped on a bus back to our apartment.

Day 3

Seeing as it gets dark early in autumn we only had a few hours to kill before we had to head home so I thought where to go for brekky on a Monday morning – The Grounds of Alexandria! Only a few blocks from our apartment we dropped off our keys are headed over to beat the rush. My Mum loved the beautiful garden and old buildings plus they had some Mother’s Day decorations still up. We grabbed some eggs on toast for breakfast then jumped back in the car to start heading towards Canberra.

By this point it was still early and I had a few things still on my shopping list so we stopped in to Macarther Square Mall in Campbelltown. This place is pretty big and has a good selection of shops, plus cheap parking which is rare in Sydney. After a few hours here we started our journey home.

Until next time,

Weather xxx

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