Day 16 – Goodbye Japan, for now

Our final day in Japan was a pretty long one, we had reserved a seat on the Shinkansen from Shin Osaka station departing at 7.15am to Tokyo. Seeing as we were a decent distance from the station we had to be up by 5.30am to gather our things, check out, walk to Namba station to then transfer to Shin Osaka Station. Luckily we thought ahead and bought a few things to eat while waiting for the train as the journey was almost 3 hours with no food provided. We arrived in Tokyo around 10.30 then had another transfer to Maihama station (Disney Resorts).

Once at Tokyo Disney we found lockers big enough to store our giant luggage then headed off into Disneyland for the day. Seeing as by the time we got into the park it was already approx 12pm we decided to go straight to a Space Mountain. This ride is pretty hectic for an all ages ride but I thought it was definitely worth the wait. After space mountain went on a nightmare before Christmas’s haunted mansion which was very much for kids but kind of cool. It was getting late and getting cold so we watched a parade before walking the long way around to the exit.

It was time to head to the airport so we grabbed our luggage and hopped on the bus from Disney to Haneda which was only approx 45 minutes and cost around ¥830 per person. At the airport we were a little early for check in so I sorted out a refund for our sucia cards while we waited. Finally check in opened, we dropped off our bags then went upstairs for our final Japanese meal of udon and tempura, yum!

Our flight with Qantas left approximately 10.00pm from Haneda Airport and arrived in Sydney at 9.30am.

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