Day 15 – A day in Nara 

I’ll skip the morning details because they are the same as most mornings and go straight to we caught a JR train from JR Namba Station to Nara JR Station. 

In Nara we started our adventure with a walk from the station to Todaiji Temple which is a 300 year old building that also holds the record for largest timber structure in the world. This building is so impressive and so is the giant Buddha inside it, it was worth the ¥500 entry. 

From Todaiji Temple we walked through Nara Park to Kasuga Taisha Shrine which is surround by approximately 2000 stone lanterns. The lanterns are beautiful and the shrine itself is a bright red and also worth a visit. 

Although Nara has so much to offer because we arrived a little late and also hoped to try on traditional Kimonos we limited our temple to just 2 for the day. In saying that it was time for lunch and we found this great little place in Nara Park which sold soups. The fact that a deer was chilling on the door mat and refused to move just added to the whole experience. We both ordered tempura udon soups which were amazing! One of if not the best I’ve had in Japan. 

After lunch we found a shop that would dress us in Kimonos and do our hair for ¥6000 per person for as long as we liked. Thats roughly $68 AUD which seems like a lot but seeing as I’ll probably never do it again it was worth it. We got our outfits on and our hair done then went back up the hill into Nara Park for some photos. I had also bought some deer crackers earlier in the day that I needed to use up. Within about 1.5 hours it was starting to get really cold in Nara and I ran out of crackers so we headed back to change back into our own clothes then made our way back to the station to head back to Osaka. 

Back in Osaka we got Yakisoba and Takoyaki for dinner which was delicious before heading back to our room to pack up our things ready to head back to Tokyo. 

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