Day 14 – Osaka in a day 

Another day another trip to Starbucks before starting our adventures. It was time to move on to Osaka which ended up being quite a process, a train from our hotel to Kyoto Station, the Shinkansen from there to Umeda Station then another train to Namba station before walking a few hundred meters to our hotel. Keep in mind we are both carrying luggage which I’m going to guess is at least 15kg. 

Once in Osaka we dropped off our luggage at the Holiday Inn Namba which by the way is a beautiful hotel in an awesome location, I highly recommend it. Seeing as check in wasn’t until 3pm and it was only around 11am when we dropped off our bags we decided to smash out Osaka as best we could in the single day we had to see it.  

First stop, Osaka Castle which is beautiful, impressive and surround by an awesome park. It’s free to walk around the castle and we had great weather so I quite enjoyed it. 

Next stop Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. Now don’t get me wrong I did some research and most of what I read said this place was great otherwise I wouldn’t have gone because I do looooove animals, anyone that knows me could tell you that. Admission was ¥2300 per person which I’m happy to pay if I think the money is going towards the animals or some form of animal research but this place clearly couldn’t give a crap about animals. On entry we realized pretty quickly that the whole aquarium is made up of a few key exhibits and then you just walked round and round and round them until you reach the exit. Firstly the seals, there was maybe 8 seals made up of a few different types all in this tiny enclosure and it didn’t appear to open up to a larger area at night or anything like that. I’m already annoyed. Penguins, heaps and heaps of penguins in a tiny enclosure. I know penguins like to huddle but I’d prefer they huddled outside. On seeing the building if I had of realized there were animals other than fish I wouldn’t have gone in because seals, penguins, dolphins or anything else like that living on the 8th floor of a building is frustrating. I did however know there would be whale sharks but I had no idea they would be 2 fairly large sharks in a tank that barely allows them room to turn around and means they keep bumping into one another, disgusting. I do not recommend this place to anyone, please don’t make the mistake I did by giving them money to keep operating with animals in those conditions.


After our depressing visit to the zoo it was time to hear back to our hotel to drop off our belongings into our room. Amanda wasn’t feeling well so I grabbed my wallet and went out in search of some ankle boots I had seen a lot of girls wearing. I found some boots not too far from our hotel and met a nice Canadian lady at the same time. Happy with my purchase (approx $35 AUD) I walked the fairy light lit streets and along the water of Dontonbori until around 5.30pm when I asked Amanda to come meet me for dinner. We found an awesome place doing Yakisoba (fried udon with meat and veggies) again so we couldn’t resist. After dinner we strolled a little before heading back to our room for bed. 

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