Day 13 – Rain or Shine in Kyoto

We knew this day was coming but it didn’t make it any easier to wake up, open the curtains and see the foggy rainy misery that awaited our adventures. We went about or usual morning routine, getting ready, going to Starbucks or whatever coffee place was nearby, eating pastries or some form or baked good then heading out to start our day. 

First stop of the day was Fushimi Inari Taisha Temple which is famous for its hundreds (possibly thousands) of tori gates through the forest that visitors can walk through until they either give up or reach the summit. I had read prior to coming to Japan that the summit was nothing spectacular but seeing as it was raining and the temple was still absolutely packed with umbrellas we walked as far up as we needed to take a half decent shot (which wasn’t too far, maybe 20 minutes). When we got back to the entrance Amanda decided she still wasn’t feeling great and headed back to the hotel for the day so it was time for solo adventures. 

I caught a bus from Kyoto Station to Kyomizu-dera Temple which is also world heritage listed and located on the top of a a hill with fantastic views of Kyoto. On arrived at the temple to notice due to the rain the hillside was covered in fog, personally I thought this added to the beauty of the whole place. It cost ¥400 to enter but unfortunately for me there was a lot of renovation going on so the temple wasn’t as magically as I’m sure it normally is, but that’s okay. I walked through the forest and back down the hill all the way back to the bus stop. 

Although my socks were soggy, my hair was drenched and my cough was angry I decided instead of giving up I would just shorten my walk to Gion and hop on the bus. I arrived at Gion and walked around looking at the shops and old traditional streets. Gion is similar to Takayama only on a larger scale. I continued walking until I reached the river running through central Kyoto where I decided to grab some lunch. I discovered this magnificent little place that specialized in dumplings, soup dumplings!! They only had a little shop with a few seats but I thought it would give me time to rest so I took a seat and ordered 2 types of soup dumplings, thinking it was probably too much for just me but oh well. Turns out I can never have enough dumplings because I finished the whole lot. 

I chilled for a bit at the dumpling place then headed off to explore the surrounding area of Kyoto, slowly making my way towards Nishiki Market as I went. Once I reached Nishiki Market I knew I wouldn’t get the chance again so I bought myself a soy green tea ice cream and 6 soy brown sugar donuts.. fuck it, I’m on holidays. Walking back to the hotel taking a bite of ice cream and a bite of donut, it was heaven only with rain. 

Back at the hotel I had a quick shower then switched my wet socks and shoes for dry ones then headed to the chill out part of the hotel for some blogging time. By the way we stayed at Fresa Inn Kyoto (Shijo Karasuma) which is pretty nice and not in a bad location but it could be a little closer to the main area. About 2 hours later I left my laptop with reception and went a few hundred meters down the road to a sushi and udon restaurant. To my joy I noticed they do sushi and udon sets, sold! I also got a nice warm tea and enjoyed sitting quietly and eating my dinner alone. After dinner I went back to the hotel to bed, another day another adventure to come. 

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