Day 11 – From Takayama to Kyoto

We purposely booked a slightly later Shinkansen so that we would have time to eat before the journey and this was a great idea. I set my alarm for 7.15am and decided to get in a sneaky Onsen session before we left which was lovely. The rooftop outdoor Onsen was so warm that the steam was like fog above the water, perfect start to the morning. After my Onsen we gathered our things and went to a little cafe across from Takayama Station called If Coffee Shop which sold sandwiches, toast, cakes and coffee. It was a nice breakfast to start our day. 

Once on our Shinkansen we had approximately 2 hours from Takayama to Nagoya and then a transfer onto another 40 minute train to Kyoto. Once in Kyoto we had to transfer again to the local subway to get to our hotel. This would have all been perfectly fine only we had our luggage with us and some platforms had no escalator or lift meaning we were carrying our bags up and down stairs all day. 

Finally arriving at our hotel in Kyoto around 1.30pm we are informed we cannot check in until 3pm so we drop off our luggage and head out to explore. We start off by finding a Chinese restaurant for lunch then find ourselves at the Nishiki Markets. These markets are great for both food and souvenirs, by far the best markets we’ve seen on this trip. We stopped for a cheeky soy ice cream sundae then continued down the market into Teramatchi Dori Street which is basically an outdoor mall. It was getting late so we made a quick stop at Disney then headed back to our hotel. Seeing as we had such a late lunch we ended up not worrying about dinner and just going to bed.

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