Day 10 – Exploring Takayama

Seeing as we had no plans for today and we knew the weather wasn’t going to be great we set no alarm. Hoping for a sleep in we definitely had no problem in that area as even though I was asleep by around 9.30pm I didn’t wake up until 9am. A well needed 12 hours I think. 

We decided to check out the Miyagawa Morning Market for breakfast but since it was drizzling there weren’t as many stall as I assume they normally have and the food options were pretty limited. Making the most of a not ideal situation I decided to try this little egg, sake and sugar cake which was basically sponge cake on the outside and alcoholic meringue in the middle.. not too bad. Next seeing as I knew it might be a while before I find another place to eat I made the decision to give Takoyaki (octopus balls) another go, still a yummy snack 🙂 


The weather looked like it might clear up for us and we came across a map showing the extend of the Higashiyama walking course. Let’s do it! The walk is 4km and takes around 2 hours with paths via some of Takayama’s most significant temples and public park. Unfortunately we weren’t quite lucky enough and towards the end of our walk it started to rain again so we detoured a little early back to the main area of Takayama. Here we found a great little cafe called Soeur that sells cakes, sandwiches and coffee with a cute little fitout. I decided on a soy latte and a piece of their apple crumble, wow the apple crumble is yummy!! 

After our snack it was around 1.30pm and still raining so we decided to go back to the hotel, make a reservation for dinner and chill until later on when we wanted to check out a sake brewery. Back at the hotel I FaceTimed my Mum while Amanda had her own Onsen adventure. Around 5pm we gathered our things and went in search of Funasaka Sake Brewery in Old Town Takayama. 

At Funasaka brewery we tried 3 of their award winning sakes, one citrus flavored, one dry and one grape flavored. I’m not a huge sake fan so the fruity ones were a winner with me, we ended up purchasing both the citrus and grapes to take home to oz. We finished our tasting pretty early so we decided to try our luck at Butchers Restaurant even though our reservation wasn’t until 7pm. Luckily for us they sat us down straight away and they even spelt my name right on the reservation card (no idea how, the guy at our hotel called me Jeshka over the phone). For dinner Amanda ordered pasta with a side of chips and I ordered their Atchibone Hida Beef Steak cooked medium with a side of beef and potato casserole. We also got a sangria to share. My casserole came out first and to our surprise it was basically potato bake with beef in it, cream filled bottom and cheese coated top. It looked amazing but there was no way I could eat that and sit on a 4 hour train the next day so I gave it a miss and ate half of Amanda’s fries. When my steak came out it was amazing, tender, so tasty, totally worth it! Amanda’s pasta wasn’t bad too. Approximately $91 AUD later we headed back to our room to pack our things and get some sleep ready for the next adventure. 

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