Day 8 – My first proper Shinkansen ride

The time had come to move on from Tokyo and into the mountains to some of he natural beauty Japan has on offer. Our day started reasonably early as our Shinkansen departed Tokyo station at 8am. Turns out 8am is pretty early and we ended up rushing to make our train meaning we missed on our breakfast again.

Once on the Shinkansen I rotated between sleep and music between Tokyo and Nagoya which is about a 2 hour ride. In Nagoya we had 40 minutes before our next train was due to leave by with the time it takes to change platforms and board the next train before it departs it ends up being only about 20 minutes. Seeing as we only had 20 minutes and we were carrying our luggage we had to settle for some food from the station shop which is kind of like a mini mart (really mini). Unfortunately for me I can’t have dairy so my only option what looked like a cold chicken schnitzel sandwich. Back home you would never buy anything remotely possible of food poisoning from a 7/11 or service station so to us this was a risk. Luckily it turned out not to be completely gross and we didn’t get salmonella so winning!

Our next train was from Nagoya to Takayama which is amazing! The journey takes about 2 hours but the scenery is gorgeous, especially in autumn. A beautiful blue, clear river basically runs the whole way to Takayama next to the tracks plus the mountains are huge and the colours are red, yellow and orange in November, stunning!

We arrived in Takayama around 1pm to realize it’s freezing and we have under estimated the weather. 11 degrees during the day and snow on the mountain tops, we are screwed with our work our tights and long sleeve shirts. Luckily our hotel was basically a community in itself, 5 restaurants, 2 huge gift/snack shops, 2 public baths, 1 public swimming pool and free WiFi everywhere. Unfortunately I didn’t come to Japan to hang out inside my hotel so it was out in the cold we go..
We started our Takayama adventure by heading to the main area of the town which operated around the river that runs through the middle. I had heard that Old Town was a huge attraction and that was correct seeing as we thought we were in a ghost town until we turned into the Main Street of Old Town and there are all the people. This area is so cute, little timber traditional houses with little Japanese style sliding doors selling souvenirs, sweets, food and sake, lots of sake. We bought a few souvenirs and treats before everything started to close (around 5pm) and it was time to hear back to our hotel.

Back at our hotel seeing as I still have my cough and Amanda caught my flu like thing it was decided that dinner inside the hotel and away from the cold was wise. The hotel Chinese restaurant did pretty good food but was pretty pricey and kind of weird. After dinner it was time for bed as we had booked an early adventure for the morning.

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