Day 7 – Enoshima & Kamakura

We had planned to spend our last day in Tokyo checking out their closest beach district, unfortunately the weather was terribly windy and raining but this would be our only chance. The call was made to go anyway so on our way to the train we topped at our usual breakfast stop, Good Times which sells an assortment of pastries and coffee. It’s kind of like Bread top back home in Oz except they also do good coffee. 
After brekky we jumped on our train from Shinjuku to Ōfuna where we got off and swapped to the monorail which then took us to Enoshima. The monorail was nothing special so for anyone wanting to visit Enoshima I would suggest heading to Kamakura and catching the electric rail from there. Enoshima is a small island made up of shops, restaurants, temples and attractions which would be a nice little day trip from Tokyo in the summer. Seeing as we had terrible winds we decided to head inland a little in the hope we could still do things outside. 


We jumped on the Enoshima Electric Railway to Hase which is such a cute little place with lots of little beach stores and ice cream shops. I had heard good things about Hase-Dera Temple which is a short walk from the station. The temple costs 400 yen to get in but it’s worth a look, the temple is surrounded by gardens with views of the ocean. A few hundred meters up the road is Kotoku-in Temple, home to an extremely old large Buddha. Entry was 200 yen and the temple was pretty busy but if you are in the area you may as well. 

In search of food we jumped back on the electric rail and continued down the line to Kamakura. Kamakura has a few attractions, the main shopping street behind the station and a few beautiful temples. Seeing as the weather was still crappy we found a little Italian cafe to grab some lunch and rest. The food was less then average and my stomach was very unhappy with the choice we made so we called it a day and decided to hear back to Shinjuku. 

Back at our hotel we knew this was our last night in Tokyo but we were both so tired that watching Netflix and doing our washing sounded like the best way to spend the night. We got our belongings together, ducked out for a quick meal then went to bed ready for the next part of our adventure. 

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