Day 5 – Disneysea Tokyo 

It had been 4 days since my symptoms started and they seemed to be getting worse each day. I had even started getting blood when I blew my nose and could barely roll over in bed because my back and abdominal muscles were so sore from coughing continuously. We had plans to visit Tokyo Disney Sea today but I wasn’t sure I could manage that without some strong meds so we set out in search of Kameda Kyobashi Medical Centre just a few blocks from Tokyo Station. 

When we arrived at the medical centre I was told they were pretty full up and that I might need to come back in the afternoon but someone would check. Within a few minutes of us patiently waiting while I coughed on the border of vomiting in their waiting room an assistant returned with paperwork and a stick to check my temperature. Not too long later I was seen by a male doctor who’s diagnosis was Bronchial Asthma which he prescribed inflammatory pain meds and a steroid based inhaler… yippee miracle drugs to cure me I hope! 

Finally it was Disney time, a train and monorail later and we arrived. To our surprise it wasn’t actually that busy, no wait time for admission and hardly any for food but still fairly long queues for rides so if you’re keen on rides be sure to get the fast pass. We had a quick Chinese style lunch before doing a lap of the park to sus out what was on offer. Basically it’s made up on an old school New York theme, Aladdin area, Nemo area, Mediterranean area, Little Mermaid theme, Earths Core theme and an area they called Lost River Delta where an Indiana Jones ride lived. After checking out all the options we decided to try our luck on a few rides with wait times under 60 minutes which were 20,000 leagues under the sea, Indiana Jones Adventure – Temple of the crystal and Sinbad’s Storybook Voyage. Personally I liked Indiana Jones’s ride but the Under the sea ride was pretty damn cool too. By this point is was around 5.30pm and wait times on some of the bigger rides were still 60 minutes+ so we decided to head out of the park in search of dinner. To our joy Disney doesn’t like to change it up too much between countries so TGI Friday was one of the restaurants they had on offer. 


After dinner we caught a train to Tokyo Station then transferred to our next train for Shinjuku before walking home to bed. 

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