Day 3 – Tokyo Motor Show 

Now 3 days in and still not feeling very good at all we decided not to get up and head to Tsukiji Fish Market before 5am to make it to the famous tuna actions. Although the tuna action was high on my list since the beginning I think our 9.30am arrival at the markets was a good idea due to my health and the cold weather. The markets are great if you are looking for fresh sashimi and/or street seafood because every stall sells various sea creatures barbecued on a stick or in a soup of some kind. We found a cute little back alley place selling clam miso soup and fresh nigiri which was yummy. 

After the markets we had a quick stroll through Ginza before jumping on a train over the bridge to Odaiba. Odaiba is a strange place with lots of different things all together like shopping, showrooms, offices, function facilities and museums. We started our exploring at Venus Fort shopping mall which turned out to be Rome/Athens themed inside just like Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for those who have been. The ceiling was painted with sky and clouds and the columns detailed to match the theme. Although the shops were nothing special we did spent a few bucks in the Nike outlet which was significantly cheaper than back home in Oz. 

Next stop was Toyota’s showcase which was a cool free exhibit of various cars and technologies including simulators by Toyota. The exhibit wasn’t huge so we moved on pretty quickly to the main event, Tokyo Motor Show which was being held at a huge convention called Tokyo Big Sight. The Motor Show first of all was packed with people, it was maybe a 15 minute wait to get in and ended up costing 900 yen per person because we arrived late afternoon. All the big brands made an appearance; Nissan, Audi, Lexus, Subaru etc. We made sure to see all the brands we liked before calling it quits to save our poor sore feet.
A long train ride later and we were back in Shinjuku where we decided to try a vending machine ordered meal once again. We have made it basically tradition so far this trip to order miso soup with every meal that isn’t already a soup. Anyway my sickness still prevails so it’s off to bed.  

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