Day 2 – Tokyo at its funkiest 

It’s been a few days since my last post so this one will be a little less detailed.. mainly because my memory is terrible. 
We started out our day with a visit to Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden which was absolutely beautiful, for a city full of buildings and lights they sure know how to create an amazing garden. The gardens are made up of various themes with plenty of areas to grab snacks, have a picnic or run around. The Japanese themed gardens are my personal favourite especially the little bridges over the koi filled ponds. 

After a nice stroll through the gardens it was time for a little more chaos and where else to find chaos then Takeshita Street in Harajuku. This street is wall to wall packed with people eating colourful, themed shaped candies and shops full of novelty items. Amanda and I decided that when in Harajuku you have to join the party so we bought some green ice cream and a stick of oversized fairy floss (cotton candy). 

By the time we finished our exploring and a quick Mexican lunch in Harajuku it was time to head across the tracks to Yoyogi Park to the beautiful Meji Shrine. Meji Shrine is introduced by some iconic beautiful Tori (Japanese gates) which I thought were quite incredible. However the temple itself was under renovation therefore not as beautiful as it probably normally is. 

November in Japan doesn’t get very many hours of daylight so by the time we finished at Meji Shrine and moved on to Shibuya it was around 5pm and dark with worked in our favour. Night time is a great time to visit Shibuya crossing as the lights and thousands of people are like nothing I have ever seen. We also made a quick visit to the Hatchiko statue seeing as I really liked the movie. 

After spending a little bit of time in Shibuya we headed back to Shinjuku for a more relaxing atmosphere before bed. 

P.S. Reading these posts back to myself I notice how boring we sound, heading back to bed every night instead of out for drinks and karaoke. Unfortunately I have been extremely sick since the evening of our first day in Japan with uncontrollable coughing, a fever, headaches, muscle aches, congested throat and nose. I have been unable to get to a doctor because of the language barrier but hopefully we’ll sort something out soon. 

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