Day 1 – The perfect introduction to Tokyo 

The time has finally come, I have been wanting to visit Japan for years but things always seemed to get in the way.. until now. 
We flew direct from Sydney to Haneda, Tokyo (approx 9 hours) with Qantas which cost us around $940 per person including dinner, breakfast, a snack and unlimited drinks including alcoholic. They also provide a pillow, head phones and a blanket which was nice. The flight reaches Haneda Airport at 5am which gave us plenty of time to clear customs, drop our bags off at the luggage delivery service (which is amazing!) then jump on the monorail followed by a train until we reached the ward of Akihabara. 

Just a quick tip, if you need to catch a few local trains around Tokyo and you don’t have a JR pass make sure to get a Suica pass. These work on most local trains and allow you to just tap on and off rather than buying individual tickets each time. I wish we didn’t have to learn this the hard way haha, what a nightmare that was. 
So we reached Akihabara around 8am which if you’ve ever been to Japan you’ll know the whole place is a ghost town at this time. Luckily we came across this little nook that was open however ordering was quite confusing for us. We needed to order and pay at the vending machine that was completely in Japanese then take our receipt inside to collect our meals. We eventually got help from one of the chefs and ended up with an udon noodle soup each which was amazing. After breakfast we found a coffee shop to chill in seeing as we were both pretty tired and a little lost so their WiFi came in handy. 

10am came pretty fast and we managed to locate the Maricar Akihabara 1st Store for our go karting adventure. For ¥8000 per person they allowed us to pick our costumes, we went with Yoshi and Bowser from Mario and we were allowed to take my GoPro which you’ll see later on. The tour went for around 3 hours going through Ginza, Ueno, Asakusa and make a quick pit stop at Tokyo sky tree. The karts can go approximately 60km/h, with indicators, a horn and reverse which means you ride the entire tour on the road. Super cool, I recommend it for everyone looking for an introduction to Tokyo and a bit of fun. 

After go karts our plan was to head to nearby Ueno but the train service was down so we decided to head toward our hotel in Shinjuku and explore there. We made a quick pit stop along the way getting Takoyaki balls and a data SIM card for emergencies. We jumped on the train to Shinjuku and spent the afternoon exploring the area. 

Finally at around 5pm we checked into our hotel – Nishi Shinjuku Hotel Mystays which is in a great location, and the rooms aren’t too bad either, winning. Our luggage arrived not long after us which was amazing… luggage delivery in Japan is awesome!. It was time for a quick shower and a quick sushi dinner just down the road before it was back to our room for bed. 

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