Day 2 – Prince Henry Cliff Walk and The Three Sisters

We walked to the scenic world skyway station to start our day exploring the Princes Henry Cliff Walk which is approximately 7.5km one way and rated moderate. The first sight of the walk is Katoomba falls but the view is not great and is better seen from the skyway at Scenic World. The walk also passes Echo Point which provides a nice view of the Three Sisters and surrounding mountains and valley. A little further along the trail you will reach the Three Sisters and can take approximately 100 stairs down to a bridge that allows you to walk across to one of the Three Sisters. A lot of people do this and the stairs become really busy so try and make it early in the day. From here you can also continue down hundreds more stairs to the Grand Stairway but we wanted to see the view from atop the cliffs not down below so we continued on the cliff top track. For the remainder of the walk we saw a few small waterfalls/cascades, crossed some stepping stones and bridges and saw amazing views of the Blue Mountains National Park. We had decided earlier that we would end our walk at Gordon Falls and then walk to Leura’s Main Street for some lunch so that is exactly what we did. The walk from Gordon falls to Leura Main Street is around 1.5kms which seemed much longer because we were so tired but totally worth it when we finally got some yummy food and got to rest our feet. 

After catching a taxi back to the house we spent the rest of our night watching TV, ordering Chinese take out from Canton Palace Katoomba and eating dairy free caramel ice cream. Yum!

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