Tassie Day 12 – Port Arthur to Hobart 

Continuing on from our sneak peak at Port Arthur Historical site last night we quickly got ready and headed over to the site ready for our 9.30am guided tour. The guided tour was led by a chick called Mel and we were both pretty impressed with her knowledge and the quality of the tour. 

After our guided tour we were booked in for an 11am ferry tour over to the Isle of the Dead which is a little island across the harbour that houses the sites cemetery. By this point it was raining and really windy so once we got back on the ferry there was an announcement that all tours after ours were cancelled for the day. Lucky we got in when we did. After our ferry tour we had a few buildings left to explore then it was lunch time. The visitors center has a cafe so we had a quick bite there then headed off to our next and final sight for the road trip. 

A few kilometers down the road is an amazing surf beach, lookout and cave called Remarkable Cave. Seeing as all the way around the beach there are steep cliffs the only way to get to the beach is through the cave which sits thigh deep water (on me). We decided getting wet would be worth seeing the other side so Erin and I walked through the water in our tights and the other side was amazing. The cliffs, the beach, the cave, the waves. I would recommend anyone going here takes the time to explore the cave because it’s beautiful. 

It was time to start our drive back to Hobart to return the car which was due back at 4.30pm. The drive was about an hour and a half and pretty uneventful so I just caught up on some blogging until we arrived back at Thrifty. Once returned we had already reserved a room at the YHA right next door so we headed upstairs to drop off our things and use the wifi. 

Later on when it was time for dinner we went for a look what we could find around the dock area and ended up finding sushi, yum! After sushi it was back home to bed and tv. 

3 thoughts on “Tassie Day 12 – Port Arthur to Hobart 

  1. Your photos are gorgeous and have awakened some serious wanderlust in me! Sounds like you had a great time! 🙂

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