Tassie Day 8 – Devonport to Launceston

I know the title makes it sound like a pretty pathetic day considering the two towns are actually only around an hour apart but I promise we did stuff. 

From Devonport we were on the road and heading south before 9am to a beautiful country area near Mole Creek where we planned to explore a cave. The tour cost $19 per adult and went for around 50 minutes instead Marakoopa Cave. We were able to explore about 500m worth of cave which had 2 rivers running through, glow worms, crystals and other cave dwelling things. 

From the caves we headed east to Alum Cliff track which was a short walk along a nice marked path to a lookout. This looked out over a valley with a cliff and river. This is a nice little walk for people who can’t walk too far. Erin and I were more excited by the farmer baling hay in the paddock next door, especially when his machine spat out a finished round bale. 

After the Alum cliff walk we did a little detour via a lookout over The Great Lake which really is quite great. We were then suppose to visit Liffey Falls but the road was closed so we headed straight for Launceston to track down some accommodation. We ended up finding a little place above a restaurant called Star Bar & Hotel which was in a great spot. 

Seeing as it was a little early for dinner, we dropped off our things then did a little lap of the city. We walked through Launceston’s City Park which is actually really beautiful and even has a gallery, pond, greenhouse and a monkey enclosure. Yep that’s right, Monkeys.. like Central Park in New York. Unfortunately for us we just missed them as they closed at 4.30pm. 

Finally it was dinner time and we were in the mood for Indian so we went to a little place called Cinnamon just near Coles, yum. Now fat and happy we were off to shower and bed. 

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