Tassie Day 6 – Cradle Mountain to Burnie 

Big day planned for today, we wanted to complete the cradle mountain bucket list and make it to Burnie all before dark. We got up at around 7, quickly had breakfast then packed up the car and made our way to Cradle Mountain National Park. 
Once at the park we stopped by the visitors center for some food to eat later on during our walk. They had dairy free cous cous salad so I was stoked with that. From the visitors center we drove further into the park until we reached Dove Lake Carpark which is where our day would begin. 
Equipped with everything we’d need for survival today we set out on our adventure which began heading left around the Dove Lake track past the boat shed until we were almost half way around the lake and saw the turn off for Lake Wilks. This track is steep and rocky therefore not recommended for children or people with physical impairments. Once at the top we headed right along the Face Track until we reached the turn off for the Cradle Mountain Summit trail. According to Parks and Wildlife this intersection is approx 900m high. 
We began the summit route which is an almost vertical route up a rocky face of the mountain. This climb is another approx 600m making the summit 1500m high in total. I wouldn’t recommend this for many people as it is very steep, slippery and dangerous. Only the day before a woman slipped and fell breaking her ribs but a fall in the wrong place could easily end in head trauma or death, she was quite lucky. While at the top of the summit we enjoyed our lunch and a much needed break. 

Map courtesy of Tasmania Parks & Wildlife

Once back at the bottom we headed past Kitchen hut then turned off toward Marions lookout. After this we took the Overland track followed by the Wombat Pool Track passing Crater Lake, Lilla Lake and Wombat Pool along the way. Finally we ended up back at the carpark around 4pm. All up our adventure took 6 hours. 

Once we finished our walk we still hadn’t organized accommodation for the night so we quickly got on the road towards Burnie. On the way we stopped by Guide Falls about 20 minutes before Burnie and really worth the stop. 

In Burnie we found a beautiful boutique hotel called The Ikon, it had a king bed, big tv, couches and a huge bathroom. Seeing as by now it was time for dinner so we headed down to the beach area where we had Fish Frenzy for dinner. Once back in our room we did some washing, caught up on phone activities then went to bed. 

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