Tassie Day 4 – Road trip to Strahan 

Erin and I were pretty bloody happy with ourselves after our little budget accommodation find last night. I was a little cold throughout the night but that was to be expected considering I had no sleeping bag, only a liner. The deal got even better once we woke up and decided to check out the continental breakfast they had advertised. $21.50pp but the nice lady told us if we just wanted toast / cereal (the basics) and no eggs or fancy things we could have it for 10.50pp. Fantastic! 3-4 pieces of toast with jam, juice, yogurt and fruit is good enough for us. I’ve been having eggs pretty much everyday anyway. 
After breakfast we headed around the corner to check out Lake St Clair and the pump house which I had seen and heard quite a lot about but wasn’t that impressed. Still pretty though. Just around the next corner was The Wall which we had missed yesterday and agreed to make time for today. The Wall is 100m of timber panels which have been carved to tell stories of history. I know it sounds boring and don’t worry, I went in thinking it would be pretty ordinary but it’s actually amazing! The guys skills are incredible and the detail in the carvings are beautiful. 

It was finally time to continue our journey towards Strahan but we had a few stops first. First stop Nelson Falls, which is only a short walk off the main highway but really worth it and very pretty. 

Second stop, Iron Blow Lookout which is a kind of Bridge / platform above what looks like an old Quarry hold now filled with water. The colours of the rock and the water meeting is really beautiful and worth a visit but this isn’t the only reason to visit this lookout. The view is stunning and provides views of the whole valley and mountains in the distance. 

Now on the straight and narrow to Strahan we made a little stop at Queenstown which we thought would be a small Hobart, kind of like Braidwood or Bungendore. Instead the town didn’t really have anything we were looking for so we continued on to Strahan. The drive between Derwent Bridge and Strahan is beautiful, a lot like the drive between Banff and Whistler in Canada. There are lots of mountains and lakes to see along the way. 

On arrival in Strahan we collected our tickets for the afternoon cruise then grabbed a quick pub lunch. After lunch we checked in to our cabin at Strahan Beach Tourist Park, quickly threw on some jeans and headed backward to the Main Street of Strahan ready for our cruise. 

The cruise boarded at 3pm and returned at 7pm. During that time the Catamaran explored the Gordon River, Hells Gates, local trout and salmon farms and 3 different lighthouses around Macquarie Heads. I think the Gordon river would be much better seen from the air, if there are any kind of helicopter or plane tours. 
On return to land we went back across the road to the same pub where we had lunch for some dinner. The wait was pretty long but eventually I got seafood pasta and Erin got curry with rice. After dinner it was home to bed.  

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