Tassie Day 3 – Mount Field National Park

Early start today. We really wanted to try breakfast at Lola Espresso in Hobart which is a cute little vegan/vegetarian/dietary place just near constitution dock. We got to Lola around 8am, I got poached eggs with sweet potato fritters, bacon, avocado and toast, yum. Erin got eggs with toast and avocado, we were both pretty happy by the end of it. 
After breakfast it was time to pick up our hire car from Thrifty. We were given a Toyota Corolla which is good enough for what we need it for so that all went pretty smooth. We drove our new ride which Erin named ‘Rolla’ back to the hostel where we threw in all our stuff, checked out and started our road trip. 
First stop, Mt Wellington. Unfortunately for us even though it was a nice day everywhere else in the state, the top of Mt Wellington had a visible distance of probably 20m. Luckily we were able to get a nice view from about half way up the access road but it would have been nice to see the whole view. 

Time to move on, next stop was meant to be Mount Field National Park but we ended up stopping at a few cute places along the way. After seeing a sign for cherries we invited ourselves into some poor guys property to ask for cherries where he gave us 1.5kg for $20, yipee. A little further down the road we come across a raspberry sign which in fact turned out to be a pick your own berry farm. Best idea ever! We took our tray and picked blackberries, raspberries and strawberries to take with us on the road. 

Finally we reached Mount Field National Park where we bought our National Park Pass – $60 for one vehicle and valid for 2 months. From the visitor center we began our 2.5 hours circuit to see Lady Barron Falls, Russell Falls, Tall Trees and Horseshoe Falls. This is an amazing walk, the track is beautiful and the destinations are just amazing, I even described one waterfall as being used in the movie avatar. I was impressed. 

By this point it was late afternoon and we still had a big list of things we had hoped to accomplish by the end of the day. Our next stop was another 1 hour and 45 minute drive to Derwent Bridge / Lake St Clare so we headed off in that direction. Along the way we came across a bridge that crossed a lake called Meadowbank Lake, amazing! The water was like a mirror and just added to the already beautiful drive. 

Finally just after 5pm we reached the Derwent River area only to find the national parks and attractions we had come to visit had all closed for the day. This was not where we had planned to end up for the night and we definitely planned to accomplish more. We decided instead of rushing off and wasting this experience we would stay in the area for the night and do the things we wanted to see in the morning. Luckily for us the nearby Derwent Bridge Wilderness Hotel had backpacker style rooms for $35 per person, that’ll do us! We grabbed a room each for the night, showered, had dinner at the hotels bar/restaurant (roast beef and pasta) and called it a night. Best $35 I’ve spent in a while. Night. 

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