Tassie Day 2 – Conquering Hobart 

I had a good crack at sleeping in this morning, well that’s what I thought until I was up and blogging at 7.15am. Ah well, the early bird gets the worm.. which we did, we got the earliest ferry to Hobart’s MOMA (Museum of New and Old Art). 
The ferry left Brooke Street Pier at 9.30am and takes 20-30 minutes to reach MONA. What an awesome ferry. Two floors of schmick classy boat with a kitchen and bar on the bottom level and another bar on the top level. The ferry also has strange art aboard like  sculptures of animals, which is kind of cool, who wouldn’t want to ride a sheep to the museum. 

On arrival at MONA you are given an iPhone and headphones which you can use to find out info about all the artwork including listening to interviews and music that are relative to each piece. I am not a huge art fan but there were 3 displays that I absolutely loved. First, was a giant head with sections of glass that allowed you to see inside to how the artist had interpreted thoughts / emotions. Secondly was a machine that was designed to function exactly like a human body’s digestive system. The machine had a mouth, intestines, a stomach and a butt in which the staff feed it and it goes through all the processes until a few hours later in poops. Pretty bloody cool but it actually smelt disgusting. Lastly it’s hard to describe but basically I also really like this computer display that had 40 screens working together in a dark room to produce various light, sound and patterns. 

For those of fig who think art is boring, this place is cool and at the very least you should visit just to witness the incredible building it’s in. The entry is at the top of the museum with the rest of the building underground in this amazing carved stone, timber and steel design. It’s fantastic and is a little like the 9/11 museum in NY if anyone has been. 

Our ferry departed MONA at 12.30 and arrived back in Hobart around 1pm which meant one thing.. lunch time. We decided round 2 at Taste of Tasmania would be a good idea seeing as it looked a little quieter at this time of day. Erin tried a creamy potato/chip bowl and I had pulled meat on what I think was cabbage, yum! 

After lunch we finished off our exploration of Battery Point until we reached our hostel again. By this point we were both exhausted and full which always means one thing.. nap time! 

We woke up from our nap with a little time to kill so it seemed only right to head downstairs to spend some time in the communal areas of the hostel like the social people we are. Time flies when you’re having fun and using the hostels free wifi so it was now dinner time. 

Dinner choice for tonight? Blue Eye, a cute little seafood restaurant just near Salamanca Place. I walked in with every intention of getting pasta for dinner but when the very nice staff told me they had 40% off their oysters (didn’t manage to sell enough today) and an amazing special of mussels in a tomato chilli broth with bread to soak it up I was sold! Screw pasta, I was getting an entree of oysters, main of mussels and a cider.. perfect. Seeing as Erin had a pretty dense lunch she decided to go the Greek Salad and we shared an entree of bread and olive oil. 

After dinner it was back to the hostel for some planning and relaxing in the bar area. Goodnight all. 

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