Tassie Day 1 – Arriving in Hobart 

My plane landed at Hobart airport around 6pm (25 minutes later than expected) where Erin was waiting for me. We grabbed my luggage, hoped in a cab and headed to our home for the next few days The Pickled Frog. This place is super cute, a bar is used as a reception desk and shares the room with a fireplace and couches. In the adjoining rooms there is another fire place, soccer table, pool table, tv room and other communal areas. All the hallways have been painted with murals and the best bit of all is there is an Alaskan Malamute that calls this place home. 

After dropping off our things we were hungry so what better way to start the trip then head to the Taste of Tasmania food festival. This festival is kind of like the multicultural food festival in Canberra only the food is all Tasmanian grown and there is a lot more craft ciders/beers and local wines. Erin got a vegetable curry with naan bread and a choc top ice cream for dessert. My food of choice was calamari with chips and strawberry crepes. 

After dinner we decided to stroll through battery point which is full of old cute buildings and gardens until we ended up back at the hostel. Once back at the hostel we decided it was time for bed. 

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