Happy New Year from Melbourne 

Day 1

Ratt and I caught an early flight from Canberra to Melbourne where we landed at 7.30am then caught the Skybus to the city. Once at southern cross station in Melbourne CBD Skybus offers hotel transfers which was super convenient. 

We stayed in a cute little 2 bedroom apartment on LaTrobe street, great spot. 

While waiting for the other girls to arrive we explored the shops a little before reuniting and heading to Hardware Lane for brunch. After brunch we killed some time shopping in Melbourne Central, Emporium and Bourke St Mall. 

Ratt and I decided to get a quick arvo snack at Moo Moo Pho (which was delicious) before heading back to the apartment for a rest and chill until dinner. 

Dinner for the night was TGI Friday which turned out to be a disappointment compared to previous times but they do make a great cocktail. 

Seeing as it was New Year’s Eve we had a few drinks before grabbing a cab to the Casino where we had purchased tickets to see Chingy and Will Sparks… Happy New Year Everyone!

Day 2 

After our late bed time last night we had a pretty decent sleep in which was great but of course once we woke up it was food time. We had brunch at place called RMB Cafe in Degraves Lane. After brunch we had a pretty chilled day of shopping and watching movies in the apartment until dinner time which led us back to Hardware Lane. For dinner we decided on a delicious steak and seafood restaurant. 

Day 3

My last day in Melbourne was quite the experience. All the other girls had early morning plans to head home to Canberra but my flight to Tassie wasn’t until 4pm. I decided the best way to pass time with no base and no company was to go to the movies. I strolled down to Hoyts in Melbourne Central alone to watch the movie Passengers. This was my first ever solo cinema experience and you know what, it’s no big deal. I might even consider doing it back home. After the movie I gathered my things, headed to the airport ready to fly to my next destination. 

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