Molonglo Gorge Bushwalk

In Canberra when we get a nice sunny day it’s like watching ants before the rain. We all scurry out in an attempt to get some sun, sand, exercise and adventure in before the next unpleasant weather hits. Sunday was one of those days..

Erin and I started out on our adventure around 10.30am. Luckily for us the starting point for Molonglo Gorge is only a few kilometres from my house. To get to Molonglo Gorge from anywhere in Canberra you need to get on to Pialligo Avenue which is the road that basically connects Queanbeyan and the city by going past the airport. Once on this road you need to head east towards Queanbeyan and then take a left turn onto Sutton Road between the airport and Queanbeyan. Once on Sutton Road within the first few kilometres there will be a right turn to Kowen Forest / Molonglo Gorge on to Kowen Road. Follow this veering right until you reach a playground and car park which is where the walk starts.


The walk is quite easy when it comes to fitness and stamina (there were kids and dogs on the trail) but there are a few rocky areas that could cause people to lose their balance. We did the approximately 5km return walk in just under 3 hours but you could easily do this in around 2 hours if you aren’t stopping to take photos, explore and pick flowers like we were. The trail leads to Blue Tiles picnic area which is cute little grassy area on the river bank and would be a great place to have a picnic or even a swim with the family or friends. Unfortunately we did not have the time to have a picnic and the weather was not quite warm enough to swim but maybe in a few weeks we can be better prepared on a beautiful hot summer day.

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