My Ultimate Travel Tool

Hi All!

I thought I would share with you my favourite tool to use in preparation and during my trips. I have been using this for the past 2 and a bit years and have found it saves me a lot of time and hassle when exploring the world.

Introducing.. Google My Maps!
Maybe some of you already know about it but maybe some of you don’t so I am about to show you a whole new world.

So here is how it works..
First of all you will need some type of google account whether it be google plus or gmail etc. Most of you probably have one already but if you don’t you will need to create one before being able to use this feature. Once you have your login go to this link; … This should open up a page similar to this (but you will probably have less maps);


Once you reach this page you can either continue a previous map or create a new one, either way it will look something like this;


You can now give your map a name.

You will notice mine has a few labels down the left hand side, these are layers and can be very helpful. My layers for example represent the various areas of Tasmania but you can name them anything you’d like.. cities in America, countries in Europe, however you think will help you organise your trip better. To create a new layer simply click the add layer button. You don’t have to use layers but either way whether you do or don’t your next step is to start adding in destinations and attractions. This can be done by typing in the name or address of your desired place then selecting the add to map button once you find the right location (don’t worry if it goes into the wrong layer, you can click and drag things into the correct layer whenever you need to).


Eventually your map will start to look like mine does..


Once you have some points (you can add more or delete some whenever you like), you can then start customising them so that once you print them out you can tell various destinations apart. To customise your symbol simply click on it and select the paint bucket tool where you will find lots of symbols and colours. Or to add details about that particular destination select the pencil tool.


Other handy tools; as you can see in the picture below I have drawn a line, created directions and added extra points with no actual location. All these things can be done using the tools at the top under the search bar, perfect for mapping out hikes or road trips.


Once you are completely happy with your map and it looks something like mine (below) then you can save your map to PDF for use on a device or printing. This can be done by going into the 3 dots next to your map name and selecting print map.


Just a quick FYI: The google maps app also allows you to access the maps you create via the Your Places option. I believe you have to be connected to internet but it still comes in handy when using the hotel wifi and planning your adventures for the next day.

Anyway guys I hope this opens up a whole new travel experience for you and I hope this helps you manage your time better while traveling because I know it has helped me more times than I can count.

Thanks, Weather xx

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