London Bridge Arch & Homestead 

As a teenager when my cousins would visit from Sydney they used to often ask me what is there to do in Canberra.. I would tell them nothing, there is nothing to do its so boring. This is completely untrue I had just never taken the time to actually find out. 

Only a ten minute drive from where I grew up and where my family still lives is a great little hidden gem the London Bridge Arch and London Bridge Homestead. Located a 20 minute drive from either Queanbeyan NSW driving past Googong Dam if you are coming from anywhere central or north Canberra. Or 20 minutes from Calwell via the Monaro highway if you are coming from south Canberra. The access road is London Bridge road which starts as a bitumen road but then turns into a dirt road which just a heads up has a few pot holes. Follow this road to the end where you will come to a gate, go through the gate remembering to close it and follow the road all the way until you reach a dirt carpark with an old sheering shed. This area also has seats n a BBQ area providing the option for a picnic lunch if you were interested in making a day of it. 

From Queanbeyan to London Bridge Road
From Calwell to London Bridge Road
The walk starts from the carpark and is clearly marked. There is also maps available here if you are still unsure. 

From the carpark the walk to the London Bridge arch is only a short 5-10 minute walk. Seeing as we have had a lot of rain lately and the river was flowing we weren’t able to cross where it appeared others had crossed before to get to the homestead but that was okay. We headed back over the arch and continued along the road from the carpark which led to the homestead. This walk was only about another 10 minutes. The homestead is fenced off to avoid vandalism being heritage but there is a little story board you can read and a really cute collection of old buildings that are not fenced you can see in my images below. 


London Bridge Homestead

A wombat, you can just see his little nose.

Overall I think it was worth a visit and could be a few hours spent with the family having lunch and exploring as the walk is completely suitable for kids. 

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