Tulip Top Gardens 🌷

What a great day.. Spring time in Canberra means two things, first thing is that summer is coming woohoo! Second thing is more outdoor activities and days like today. 

Every year Canberra holds a free event called Floriade which attracts lots of people because of its beautiful Tulip n other flower displays. This year lots of people were disappointed with Floriade and like me decided to check out Tulip Top Gardens just across the border near Sutton. 

Tulip Top Gardens charges $15 entry but provides each guest with a free sausage sizzle voucher which I thought was a great touch. The gardens themselves are beautiful, there appears to be thought in the combinations and layouts of the flowers and they also look well maintained. The gardens cover 10 acres which isn’t huge but big enough that a break and a meal would make the day much nicer. Luckily there are plenty of places to have a picnic and plenty of tables and chairs or just chairs spread out over the property. The ideal way to spend the day would be to pack a picnic lunch and spend a few hours relaxing with friends but if you aren’t prepared like me then they do offer some hot foods like hot chips or you can get Dutch pancakes with ice cream.. yum! 

After the gardens mum and I had a few things to do before I had planned to go for an afternoon walk to see the London Bridge Arch. To be continued in my next post but in the meantime here are some photos of Tulip Top Garden… 

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