Chasing the sun ☀️

It’s a miracle that yesterday the weather reached 25 degrees at my local beach. For the last several weeks the weather in my home town Canberra has been horrible. We have had rain after rain to the point that all the local bridges keep flooding. We are one month in to spring and are still getting rain, wind and a maximum of 15 degrees most days. 

Seeing as this weekend is a long weekend many people were hoping for good weather and so were we. When we found out the nearest beach about 2 hours away would be getting a sunny 25 degrees. We hopped the car and chased the sun. 

We got up and aimed to be on the road by 8am but things were a little slow with daylight savings kicking in so the time would have actually been 7am the day before there we were tired. Half an hour behind but still not bad we called into the grocery store and grabbed some snack before heading off. The drive is a fairly cruisy one going through two country towns along the way. We didn’t stop though. 

At around 10.30 we reached batemans bay and decided the weather was not at its full potential yet so some brunch was in order. We grabbed an order of potato wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream to take away from GJs Bay Cafe & Grill, yum! We took our delicious wedges and sat on the grass by the bay and watched the boats and Pelicans. 

After our brunch it was beach time! We’ve been looking forward to sunny weather since April so this is exciting. We drove north for just under an hour to a cute beach town called Ulladulla. Amanda needed a hat so we stopped in to Target and grabbed some fruit smoothies on the way. 

Finally around 12.30 we reached out beach of choice for the day, Mollymook beach. This beach is a great place to visit for families because of the life guards and facilities available that a lot of other smaller beaches don’t provide. We ate our snack we bought earlier today and relaxed on the beach. Perfect weather. 

After a few hours which was probably way too much sun, we decided to call it a day and start the almost 3 hour journey home before it got dark. What a lovely Sunday, I hope we get to do this more often! 

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