Day 22 & 23 – Heading Home 

Our Airbnb host said we could check out at 2pm but that seemed like such a waste of a day laying around the apartment. We decided to leave the apartment around 9.30am and catch the train to SeaTac airport where we were able to leave our luggage for the day. From the airport we caught a taxi to the nearby Westfield Southcenter mall where we spent a couple hours killing time. For lunch we ate at BJs which is a pretty common chain around USA, Erin had soup and I had a steak for a combined total of $30. After lunch we had a quick look around target then headed back to the airport to collect our bags seeing as by now it was around 3.30-4pm. Our flight from Seattle to San Francisco was scheduled to leave at 6pm. 

We landed in San Francisco 2 hours later where we had a stopover for a little while. Seeing as we knew we’d have to eat or else we’d starve on our next big flight we found a Mexican restaurant just near our gate. The food was below average but at least it was something. We had a little over an hour remaining until our plane boarded at 10.05pm and departed at 10.55 so we took full advantage of the last of the wifi. Finally we boarded our plane and we were on our way home. 

We landed in Sydney about 30 minutes later than expected but we were both pretty surprised at how quick the flight went. We quickly grabbed our things, fidgeted trying to get through customs as quick as we could so that we could hopefully catch the 7.30am bus instead of the 8.30 bus we’d stated on our flexi ticket. Luckily the driver let us on and that was it, in 3 hours we would be back in Canberra and life would return to normal. I couldn’t be more disappointed that my had to end already.  

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