Day 21 – Food and Leisure in Seattle 

There wasn’t much left that we had intended on seeing in Seattle so today was not going to be a very big one. 

We left the apartment in the direction of Seattle’s biggest recreation store REI where I was hoping to find some Sanuk brand thongs for my mum and myself to replace my near broken current ones. I love my Sanuk thongs, I have worn them for hundreds of kms in a few different countries for the last 3 years and they are still comfortable. Once we reached REI the place was done really nice with lots of trees and a little river outside. Inside there was a rock climbing wall and two levels of camping, biking and hiking needs. I was still unable to find Sanuk for myself but got my mum a black pair. 
We left REI and caught a bus across the road to Pioneer Square which I had heard so much about. Unfortunately it was nothing special other than one area shaded with nice trees and another with the famous pergola like thing. A block or so in each direction turns into a bit of a slum with boarded up buildings and lots of hopeless people, which I kind of expected but at the same time was disappointed based on people’s reviews. 

From pioneer square we walked along the water past the piers and restaurants until we reached pike place market again. At the market we walked around a little, I got half a dozen oysters and 3 big choc chip and snikerdoodle vegan cookies. 
After spending some time at the markets people watching and getting some sun we realized the time was only around 1.30pm. We didn’t have anything else we really wanted to see so we decided to buy a ticket to watch Bad Moms at 3.35pm at the cinemas. In the meantime we went back to our apartment to pack ready for our flight tomorrow. 

At 3.45pm we went back down the road to regal cinemas, it was great we were 2 of 6 people in the whole cinema which is rare back home. The movie was quite funny and I absolutely love Mila Kunis so I was happy. The movie finished around 5.30 but we didn’t want to have to come back out and get dinner later so we found a sushi train across the road and had dinner there. After dinner we went back to the apartment to finish packing and relax until bed. 

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