Day 20 – Exploring Seattle

We attempted a much needed sleep in today but still woke up at 8am.. Damn.. So we got ready and began our day. 

Seeing as it’s fleet week here in Seattle we decided to go check out the navy ships that were docked and of course the sailors hehe. They were allowing guided tours of the navy and coast guard ships which was cool and educational I thought. 

After exploring the ships for a few hours it was midday and we were hungry. There was a nice place right there at the wharf called Anthony’s Pier 66 so we got a seat outside in the lovely sunshine. Erin got a Caesar salad and I got steamed clams with jasmine rice which was done in an awesome soup, so good. 

We finished our lunch then walked the reminder of the distance to chihuly garden and glass which is a really cool gallery of amazing blown glass displays. There is also a collect of glass displays outside in a garden setting which are really cool but I don’t think that paying $28 to get in was worth it. Next door is the Seattle space needle which has an observation deck with views of the city but it too was almost $30 entry and what appeared to be an extremely long line. We decided to live it a miss, Seattle is cool but we just didn’t think the view who have been worth the time and wait. Since we had no plans to explore the area more we jumped on the next monorail back to downtown where we slowly shopped our way back to the apartment. 

Our usual afternoon rest was a relaxing session watching friends and the hills until around 8pm when we decided it was time for dinner. We walked a few blocks to Capitol Hill where we ate at a little Mexican place. For giggles I decided to try their spicy roasted grasshoppers which was interesting but theres no harm in trying. After dinner we walked back home to watch some tv and go to bed. 

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