Day 19 – New Day, New Country.. Hello Seattle

This morning was an early one, 4.45am! Check in at the train station started at 5.30am for a 6.30am departure. I like North Americas Amtrak trains, I’m not quite sure if our trains are as convenient or comfortable but these are. Our train departed Vancouver at 6.30am and reached Seattle at 10.55am which included a stop for border crossing and customs inspections. I blogged and chilled half the way and slept half the way which was nice but I did them in the wrong order because the last half of the ride was the scenic part. Damn sorry no train pictures. 

In Seattle we collected our luggage which by the way I broke this morning, now customs broke the first bag and I broke the second bag so I owe two people new bags. Mum even said it, I’m having bad luck this trip but ahh well, what can you do. Our phones stopped working seeing as we left Canada so checking in to our Airbnb took some time and effort. Thank god our host was happy to come pick up our bags for a few hours and mind then while we waited for the other people to check out. So nice of him! 
Seeing as we didn’t have our luggage and had to kill some time we started exploring. We explored pike place market and like street which was good. The market is huge and there are lots of levels and hidden things, I quite enjoyed it. Also the prices were great, $15 for a huge bouquet of flowers.. At home a bouquet that nice would be like $60. During our exploration of the market and its surroundings we managed to find an amazing place that did huge vegan cookies and vegan snickerdoodles (which if you don’t know is some kind of sugar and cinnamon cookie). We also came across an ice cream shop that did vegan flavours, I ended up getting banana chip which I enjoyed. Just incase you though we had enough food I’ll also share that we had lunch at the market too. Lowells Restaurant which was kinda quirky in a underground diner kind of way. Erin had a sandwich and I had a crab cocktail which was alright but not as good as the ones I ate as a child. On the walk back from the market I managed to get a replacement suitcase for the first broken one seeing as at this point they were all destroyed. Just something a little cool, for you Aussies out there, the Target here is 3 levels and the bottom level is a full grocery store AND they have these awesome escalators for your trolley! Check it out, so cool! 

Back at the apartment we’d already agreed on The Cheesecake Factory for dinner so we spent a few hours relaxing before heading out again just down the road. At TCF Erin got pasta, I got the same steak I had in San Francisco 2 years ago which was still amazing and then Erin got a cheesecake to take away. Nice meal. We headed back home to quickly check out the rooftop ration then bed after our long day. 

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