Day 17 – Walking for miles in Vancouver

We got up and did our usual routine to get ready for our day of exploring Vancouver. 

First on the agenda was Granville island so we walked to the marina in Yaletown to catch the aquabus ferry to Granville. The ferry only took about 5-10 minutes and is a much nicer alternative to walking over Granville bridge. At Granville island we strolled around the markets and had some early lunch, Chinese and Mexican. Granville island has an amazing food/produce market but we found the other areas on the island to be a bit ordinary. We decided to move on to our next destination so we jumped back on the ferry and caught it across to Hornsby Street. 

The time now was midday and we remembered that the Vancouver LGBTQ Pride Parade was on so we joined thousands of others to watch. The parade went for a very long time, almost 3 hours I think but after almost 2 hours standing, it was too much. The pride was very mixed but a lot was based around important people such as police, ambulance, fire, schools and other organizations showing their acceptance for the LGBTQ community. 

After we’d had enough of the parade we spent a few hours shopping around the main Vancouver city center on Granville and Robson streets. 
Finally we got back to our room after hours and kilometers of walking. We had a few hours to spare so Erin took a mini nap while I watched some tv, our feet were desperate for a break. We knew we wanted to go out dancing tonight because it is a long weekend and pride parade day so we knew things would be busy. Therefore we just did a quick dinner at the Italian restaurant downstairs then grabbed some Canadian club to have when we got home. 

Back at the apartment we got ready, had a few drinks while playing lowest card then walked to Granville street, the next street over to find somewhere to dance. We went to two places, caprice and roxy which were very different and not really our style but it was still good to be out and about. Finally we went home and went to bed at around 3.30-4am. 

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