Day 18 – Gastown & Stanley Park Vancouver 

After our late night Saturday night we managed to sleep in until around 10am which wasn’t a good sleep but meant we were up early enough to still enjoy the day. 

Today we were hoping to see Gastown and Stanley park as we had heard a lot about both. We started with Gastown seeing as it was closer to our hotel and I was looking for an ATM. Gastown is cute, the light posts and flowers seem to be a thing in Canada but I would have to say I didn’t think Gastown was anything too exciting. I think at Christmas at night when the lights are up it would be really cool but during the day it’s mainly tourists and a few souvenir stores. We also noticed lots of the shop signs didn’t match up, a lot of buildings were run down and empty and the range of stores were very average. It has potential though, I just don’t think it’s been maximized at the moment. 

After Gastown we walked a little further to behind the Convention Centre where we found a bike rental shop. We rented two bikes, hopped on and we were on our way. The cool thing about Vancouver is they have an awesome bike path system which meant we were able to ride the whole way around Stanley park and along the water. We along with many other bike riders got a great view of Stanley park and the Harbour and some much needed sunshine. 

We returned our bikes and it was time for lunch which ended up being at The Cactus Club. We had seen this place several times around Canada but we were yet to go in. The place had potential to be really awesome, great atmosphere, great cocktails and a pretty good menu except they were a little lacking in the flexibility for dietary requirements. Long story short, seeing as they couldn’t do anything I wanted without dairy they gave me my main meal for free. Good service just not the place for someone with lactose intolerance. 

After lunch we headed back to the apartment with sore feet, sore butts and not much sleep from all the adventures over the last few days. The time was around 4pm, perfect for us to spend a few hours relaxing and packing until dinner. 

Seeing as we had such a late lunch and both snacked while watching tv we decided on something light for dinner.. Sushi of course. We went down to Yaletown for a quick sushi dinner before come home to bed around 10pm to allow for our early start tomorrow. 

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