Day 16 – Butchart Gardens & Reaching Vancouver 

This morning I managed to get up, get ready and get to the doctors with only 2 people in front of me.. Winning! By 9.30am we were on our way to Butchart gardens, I had a script for antibiotics to clear the gunk from my airways and a puffer to help my cough. 

We arrived at Butchart gardens around 9.45am, we strolled around for about an hour and a half looking at the absolutely amazing gardens, by far the most beautiful flower gardens I’ve been to. After exploring there was a beautiful little restaurant with a view of the gardens which we decided was a must. Erin had the high tea and I got a salad entree and linguini main, yum. A few gifts from the gift shop and it was time to head off. 

We arrived just in time to check in for our ferry reservation and then only had a very short wait until we were able to board and make the 1.5 hour journey across to Vancouver. 

Once we reached Vancouver we dropped off the hire car back to Avis and checked into our awesome apartment. Our apartment is on the 11th floor and only a short walk from the Main Street as well as Yaletown which is great. After we settled in a little we decided it was dinner time so we made our way to Yaletown. For dinner we ate at a nice sushi bistro, God I love sushi! 

After dinner we walked down to the edge of English Harbour to watch the Celebration of Light fireworks display with thousands of other people. For anyone who knows Canberra it’s just like skyfire. The fireworks started at 10pm and went for around 30mins then we joined the rest of the city in the walk back to downtown and back to our apartment. Time for bed. 

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