Day 15 – Exploring Victoria BC

I got up a little early today because I’ve had annoying cough the past week and a half and I thought maybe if I made it to the walk in Centre as soon as they opened at 9 I might be able to get a script for an asthma puffer. Unfortunately when I arrived just before 9 there was already 6 people before me because they actually opened at 8.30.. Damn! I decided not to bother, went back to our room to pick up Erin so we could start our day. 
We started by walking along Government Street which is kind of the main tourist street in Victoria full of souvenir stores, clothes stores and markets. From government street we walked along the Harbour edge all the way around past the Fairmont, past the Parliament building and around until we reached fishermans wharf. We booked a 1.30 whale watching tour from the wharf so we had planned our route around that. We spend a good hour or two exploring the wharf and all the amazing little floating homes docked there. So so cute! The whole downtown area is just the cutest. After exploring we were super lucky to see two of the wharfs local seals swimming around the edge of the wharf. I had read about the option to feed these seals so I was quick to get my hands on some raw whole fish for us to use. The seals were so friendly you could feed them from your hand, naww! After seal feeding it was time for me feeding so we agreed on fresh sushi, yum! 

All the exploring had taken longer than we anticipated so we quickly checked in for our Eagle Wings whale watching and wildlife tour. They suited us up in warm jackets and pants since we were taking a speed boat out and it was meant to get real cold real fast. The boat ride out to our first stop took around 20-30 minutes where we got to see a big pod of killer whales. We got to see some of them super close and one even swam under our boat and came up on the other side. They are so much bigger than I realised and so family orientated. After a decent look at the killer whales we moved a little closer back towards land in search of humpback whales. We same a few of these huge animals and even got a few looks at that massive tail which made everyone in the boat click away at their cameras and say ooooo ahhhhh. Last stop of the day was a little island not far from shore that was homes to lots of different types of seals and even a sea otter that was enjoying a nice float around on his back in the sun. The tour all up cost approx $130pp, went for 3.5 hours, accommodated a maximum of 14 people and was very successful. We seen numerous killer whales, humpbacks and furry creatures so I would definitely recommend it to others. 

Back at the wharf we decided it was too hot (we have already been sunburnt everyday since entering British Colombia), and too far to walk back to our apartment. We agreed on a cute little water taxi from fishermans wharf to china town. These are such a great idea, especially for only around $6 per person. We got off in china town with the intention to quickly walk home so Erin could FaceTime her family but got completely intrigued by the amazing old industrial buildings now restaurants or stores, amazing. Then we came across Fan Tan Alley, Waddington Alley, Market square and that whole region and before we knew it we’d explored another hour. 
Back at the room I did some uploading, blogging and showered while Erin called her family using FaceTime. I also ate 3/4 of a tub to myself of salted caramel cashew ice cream by so delicious but we won’t go too much into that (hehe oops, fatty). 

We had dinner reservations at Il Terrazzo Italian for 9.15pm so we dressed semi respectable and headed off. Il Terrazzo was a beautiful warehouse/greenhouse/courtyard style building with loads of candles, ferry lights and plants mixed with industrial architecture. Beautiful date spot. Erin and I got complimentary bread and olive/oil mix to start (yum), then we got tomato soup to start and pasta for mains (also yum). 

After dinner it was back to our room for a quick clean up and bed because tomorrow it’s Vancouver time. Night. 

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