Day 14 – Crossing land and sea in British Columbia

We had a super early one this morning, we were checked out by 8am and on our way out of Whistler by 8.15. We tried to book our ferry last night from Horseshoe Bay (above Vancouver) to Nanaimo (mid Vancouver Island) but we’re disappointed to find out that they were sold out and we would have to book the same as our return route which would be from below Vancouver to Victoria. This would mean missing the drive down Vancouver island but not much we could do. Our scheduled departure was at 2pm and we had a few stops we wanted to do along the way.
Back on the sea to sky highway, so amazing. We had a little stop off and short walk to Brandywine falls not too far from whistler, it was quiet at that time of morning, lovely.

Next we decided to call into horseshoe bay where we were originally meant to board our ferry to check the place out and see if they maybe they had any spots seeing as we were ahead of schedule. The guy at BC ferry told us the next ferry was only at 30% capacity and if we joined the line we may just make it. We grabbed some subway for a morning snack and quickly joined the line. Unfortunately we were only a minute or so too late and missed out by about 5 cars, but that guaranteed us a spot on the 12.45 ferry which was still earlier then we had booked and gave us our originally plan back. We waited a bit over an hour in the car to board the next ferry, we just read our books and waited. Finally they boarded the ferry which was huge, 7 levels, 4 of which are for cars. It was about 1.5 hours until we reached the other end at Nanaimo Vancouver Island.

Seeing as by now it was 2.30 we decided to do a little half hour detour north to see the Old Country Market where the goats live on the roof, so cool, completely worth the detour. We had a snack of tacos in this beautiful nursery garden then got back on the road towards Victoria.

We had one more little detour in mind, the Kinsol Trestle which is a really old bridge that is now used as a pedestrian bridge on a running/hiking trail. Super cool. The drive to and from the bridge goes through a beautiful little lake town, loved it. Continuing on..

We reached our apartment at around 7.30pm, it is so nice! I could live here. We dropped off our things then headed in search of food, ending up at a little pub called Darcy’s Pub just near the marina. The food was okay but it was hard to get the waitresses attention when we needed her.

After dinner we walked along the marina to admire the Parliament building all lit up, really nice. Then we walked back to our apartment via Government street and Trounce alley admiring all the old buildings and lights. Cute city. Time for bed.

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