Day 13 – Whistler BC

Last nights schnenigans finished a fair bit earlier then expected and seeing as we didn’t book our ATV tour in until 11am because of our expectations we had a bit of free time this morning. Although we had free time, we didn’t really put it to good use, we mainly just took longer to get ready then usual. 

At 10.30 we headed down to our check in point for Canadian Adventures ATV tours. To our surprise we were the only 2 people on the 11am tour and were greeted by a young guy with long hair driving a jeep, made sense. He took us up the mountain a little to the base where all their equipment is kept, he got us in our goggles and helmets and we were good to go. Seeing as it was just the 3 of us we got to do a lot of unusual things in our session that normally wouldn’t be allowed because of experience, age etc. We we got back to base almost 2 hours later Erin and I both had dirt moustache same beards, our clothes were now a brown grey colour and I’d say our lungs a little damaged. We returned our gear, got a little dirt blown off, were given ice blocks then headed back down the rest of the hill back to our hotel. 

Seeing as it was almost 2pm, we quickly rinsed off, got dressed and went searching for some lunch. BG Urban Grill ended up being the place of choice, Erin was able to try a vegetarian Poutine (famous Canadian food) and I again went for tacos. 

After lunch we went back to our room to do some washing/drying, organize the ferry over to Victoria for the next part of our trip and do some relaxing. While waiting for our washing we did some people watching and napping.. Ahhh no responsibilities feels great! 

Finally at 8pm we were booked in for dinner at Teppan Village. We got a range of sushi, rice, tempura and teriyaki chicken and watched the awesome show put on by the chef at our table. Yum. After dinner it was back to our room to pack and shower ready to move on again tomorrow.  

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