Day 12 – Whistler, The Eagle & The Sasquatch 

Our first full day in whistler, exciting! We had an alarm set for 8.30 but we must have both been pretty keen since we woke up on our own at 7.30. We are still continuing our routine of cereal and showers so no need to elaborate. 

We headed downstairs to the building next door where various tours around the region can be booked. We managed to lock in an afternoon full of ziplining and treetop walks with Ziptrek Eco Tours, awesome! Seeing as we had a few hours to kill we walked around the village, shopping and exploring. We also decided lunch would be a good idea before our busy afternoon schedule so we both had some amazing pasta at a place called La Bocca just opposite our hotel. After lunch we had some smoothies, grabbed our things and headed over to the upper village to start our first tour. 

At the upper village we checked in for our first tour which was The Sasquatch tour. This is meant to be the longest and fastest zip line in North America with a length of more than 2kms and speeds of over 100km/h. We are put on a chair lift up to our first check point where we are fitted with our harnesses and helmets. Then it’s in a van to the top of the mountain where the zip line starts. The line is a dual line which is cool, it meant Erin and I could go side by side. The height and drop are intimidating initially but it’s not actually that bad, it’s still fun. After everyone reached the end of the zip line it was time to head back to base and swap tours. At the end the girl working claimed that two people had already seen the dropped and refused to ride today alone.. Not sure if she was telling the truth or just trying to make everyone feel good about themselves for completing it. 

Next tour.. The Eagle, was made up of 5 small zip lines and a few treetop walks. This tour was much less thrilling but still a nice couple of hours of scenery. 
Once back at whistler village we decided it was dinner time. While on our tour that guide had recommended a sushi place called sushi village so we decided to go there, first sushi of the trip. Great place! Delicious sushi! 

After dinner we walked around a little, getting a drink and looking to see where all the people went after dark but there wasn’t much on so we headed to bed. 

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