Day 11 – Road Trippin’ Canada 

I won’t write too much about today seeing as we mostly just drove the whole day. 
We checked out of Banff early so that we could make the journey to Emerald Lake for breakfast. Emerald lake is amazing, the water naturally looks photoshopped. I’d recommend visiting whenever you can, in the morning the dining room at the top of the little island serves breakfast or for lunch and dinner the cilantro restaurant just at the end of the bridge is serving. Amazing view from either. 

After Emerald Lake we continued making our way towards Whistler which is around a 9.5 hour drive. We stopped at Salmon Arms to visit Walmart, Kamloops for lunch and Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk to take a look. The drive once you get between Cache Creek and Whistler is beautiful, I believe they call it the Sea to Sky highway. 

Finally we reached Whistler, parked the car, checked in and went to bed. 

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