Day 10 – Banff Downtown 

Another typical morning for us in Banff, eating our cereal and getting ready except today we got to sleep in seeing as we had no real plans. 

We left the room around 10-10.30am and started our exploration of downtown. We walked up and down the shopping streets as well as along the residential streets admiring the cute buildings and houses. 

We came across some cute little buildings with a restaurant called Saltlik that had an outdoor patio and an upper level balcony for outdoor eating. Sold! With not a cloud in the sky we sat on the upper balcony in the sun and had a really delicious lunch. Crab cake for me, Caesar salad for Erin and a side of sweet potato to share, yum! 

After lunch we went back to the room to drop off our groceries and things we had purchased. We ended up falling asleep with the window open, the fan on low and the sun streaming in after our delicious lunch.. It was heaven! 
We woke up 2-3 hours later which by now was around 6pm and decided we needed to finish of our exploring and grab some dinner. We walked around near our hotel for a little while until we reached the Mexican restaurant Magpie and Stump that we had already decided to try. It was double daiquiri night so we got one each, I got fish tacos and Erin got a mucho bowl. 

After dinner it was back to our room to pack ready for the long drive to whistler tomorrow. Night xx.  

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