Day 9 – Lake Louise 

Good morning, I won’t bore you with the details of us getting up and ready seeing as we have been doing the same routine each morning. 

We arrived at Lake Louise at 9.30am, by this time there wasn’t a huge line or wait for the carpark but there was still a decent amount of people and the first car park already full. We walked from the carpark to the lake and had a look around. Unfortunately it was cloudy windy weather today so the lake wasn’t at its full potential but a few of the sun rays that hit the water gave us an indication of the amazing colour it should be. Still a beautiful lake with an amazing mountain backdrop. 

From the lake we decided to do the Agnes Lake Tea House trail which is 3.6km one way up the mountain on a continuous steady incline until you reach the Lake and Tea House. The tea house sells a range of snacks as well as a huge range of teas which are delicious. The tea alone is worth the walk. Walking back down is much quicker but we still didn’t reach the car until almost 2pm. 

Just down the road from Lake Louise is a road that leads 11kms to another lake called Moraine Lake which is also an amazing blue in colour and worth a stop if you have the time. After Moraine Lake we stopped in Lake Louise Village for a quick look around then decided after our 7km hike today we had had enough, time to go home. 

Back in Banff it was around 4pm but that meant back home it was Sunday morning so it was my turn to have some FaceTime family time before dinner. A few hours later after we relaxed a little we got ready for dinner then headed along Banff Ave. On Banff Ave there is a Christmas store which looks cute from the outside but is amazing once inside! Two levels of Christmas decorations, ornaments and other things, so cute! We finally ended up at Block Kitchen and Bar for dinner where we shared a few plates of different things. Finally after another long and exhausting day it was time for bed. 

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