Day 8 – Aerial Views of Banff National Park 

It’s time! We had been waiting for today for a while now because today was the day we had our helicopter tour booked. Waking up fo beautiful wearing was such a relief, so we began our Banff routine off getting ready and eating the cereal we bought from the IGA across the road. 

Ready and running a little early we headed off to Canmore to the base of Alpine Helicopters where our tour would start from. The tour we booked was the 30 minute Mt Assiniboine for $300 per person which turned out to be totally worth it, great choice, the sights were amazing and we had the whole helicopter basically to ourselves, win! Also to make things even better, Erin got to ride up front in the co pilot seat, what a great tour. 

After the helicopter we headed into downtown Canmore to grab a smoothie and a snack before we were to begin our Grassi Lakes adventure. The walk to see Grassi Lakes is a suggested 1-2 hour hike to this amazing green lake in the middle of a cliff surrounded valley. There were plenty of people having a picnic, letting their dog swim and rock climbing around the lake so feel free to bring food and/or your dog. We did a little extra trek up to Whiteman’s Pond which isn’t anything special and is extra steep but there is an amazing view. 

After spending longer than expected at Grassi Lakes we decided to go straight to the Banff Gondala seeing as we had a decent amount of time left in the day. The Gondala was chaos, parking, people, ahh a bit too touristy for my liking but the view from the top is pretty nice. I’d say it’s worth it on a nice sunny day in off peak season but for rainy windy weather and a minimum of 20 minutes wait in peak at $45-50 per person I’d miss it. 

After the Gondala we went back to the hotel as Erin had a FaceTime date with her family and I had a massage booked in to try fix my continuous 3 day long headache. After my massage and Erin’s family time she met me outside the massage shop so we could have dinner and do some shopping. Dinner was at this great Greek restaurant called Balkan where I got their 12 hour slow cooked lamb shoulder and Erin got Mediterranean Linguini.. Yum! 
After dinner we strolled back to our room and got ready for bed. Night xx

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