Day 6 – More of Jasper National Park 

Today we had originally planned to go see either Kinney lake or do the Sulphur Skyline trail depending on the weather but we both ended up waking up a little rundown after the unpredictable weather from the last few days. We ended up deciding not to go too far from our hotel or do anything too strenuous because of our health and the weather which left us with exploring more of Jasper National Park. The attractions that interested us the most was the Valley of Five Lakes trail which is a 4.5km round trip easy level hike and Athabasca Falls which is right next to the car park. After an easy breakfast of milk, a banana and Erin had toast we set off for today’s activities.

Once at the car park for the Valley of Five Lakes we started our journey in search of the five blue green lakes we had heard so much about. After passing the first lake of the day we realized we had been walking for quite some time when we came across a sign stating that the trail was in fact 2kms back in the direction we had just come from. Some how we had taken the wrong turn near the beginning of the track, so we looped around and wasted almost an hour and a half walking a huge circle back to where we needed to be. The second attempt we were more careful to get it correct and the other 4 lakes were beautiful. We also met a very friendly chipmunk. Finally probably close to 7kms and 3.5 hours later (instead of 1-2 hours as advised) we arrived back at the car exhausted and ready for the next destination. 

About another 15 minutes south along the icefields parkway we stopped at Athabasca Falls along with many many other people. The falls are beautiful, they aren’t high but the amount of water currently gushing down is amazing. Also it doesn’t hurt to have a huge mountain in the background. We walked along the falls down to the lake and canyon at the bottom which were also impressive. By this time it was around 3.15pm and seeing as our relaxed sightseeing had turned into a full blown hike we were tired and ready to relax. 

Back in Jasper we dropped our things at the hotel, examined our mosquito bite and bruise covered bodies.. My hand on top around the knuckles became extra swollen for some reason? We really need to get insect repellent before our next hike! We put on a pair of jeans and went down to Jasper Brewing Co for dinner. Steak, vegetables and chips for me and Kale spaghetti for Erin, yum! This place did super well accommodating for my dairy intolerance too so thanks heaps guys, my steak was $34 but I made sure to tip. 

After dinner we went to our room for a shower, a FaceTime session with mum and a few good long hours of bed/tv/social media time. Night xx 

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