Day 5 – Lakes & Wildlife in Jasper

I woke up about half an hour before my alarm today so I decided to speed up the process by showering and getting ready before Erin got up and did the same. At around 9am we went downstairs to the hotel restaurant for some fruit and toast for breakfast.. Yum. Finally at almost 10am we grabbed our things, hoped in our car and headed off to start today’s activities. 

First stop petro Canada for some fuel. The pumps are all prepaid and self service which is kinda cool. Now off to Pyramid Lake, this is only a really short drive from Jasper Town Centre maybe about 10 minutes but is still quite beautiful. The canoes all around the banks make for great photo ops. 

Next stop was Maligne Canyon which is about another 10 minutes from Jasper in a different direction but it’s really amazing and totally worth a visit. There is a long marked out path that goes all the way down along the edge of the canyon and even crosses over with bridges at various points. Seeing as it’s been raining so much over the last couple of weeks the canyon was gushing with water. Amazing place. We had a quick lunch here consisting of fish and chips before jumping back into the car to continue on. 

About 30 minutes further along Maligne Lake Road we reached Maligne Lake which has a gift shop, cafe and guided tours available. Seeing as it was starting to rain we just strolled around the boat house then to the right of the lake for a clearer view before looking at the shop on our way back to the car.

The drive back to Jasper was eventful, we managed to see 5 bears (3 adults and 2 babies) over 3 different spots along the road. We also spotted a goat trying to steal things out of the open boot on a parked car, sneaky little devil. 

We arrived back in Jasper early enough to walk around to buy some groceries and a few souvenirs before dinner. For dinner we ate at a Cantonese restaurant just near our hotel that made a great Vegetable Chow Mein and Combination Chow Mein for around $15-20 but huge portions. Yum! Finally it was time for our usual routine of emptying our memory cards, updating social media then going to sleep. 

One thought on “Day 5 – Lakes & Wildlife in Jasper

  1. The view in second picture. Looking into green mountain, blue sky, fresh air, cool breeze and solitude , the best place to lose consciousness & immerse yourself into the magic universe unraveling in front of your eyes. No pain. No thoughts, no awareness, no stress. Just let go of your spirit by holding hand of nature.

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