Day 4 – Wolfdogs & The Journey 

Today was the end of our stampede adventure and time to move on more scenic endeavors. 
We got up, ready and put all our things into the car ready to head on our journey in the Journey (Dodge Journey that is). But first we had one last mission, visit this garden level inside the Core Shopping Centre that our walking tour friend had told us about 2 nights before. We walked downtown, into the mall and up to the top food court / garden level to this very cute living indoor garden. Unfortunately most of it back blocked off so we had a quick breakfast of toast and fruit then headed on our way. 

After finally getting the car out of the apartment carpark (wow that was a tight fit) we had a 40 minute drive to the small town of Cochrane where the Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary was located. At the Sanctuary we got to meet three types of Wolfdog being low, high and mid content which classifies the level of wolf in each one, high obviously being the closest one to an actual wolf. The Wolfdogs come from various backgrounds of either rescue from abusive illegal homes or from other shelters that could no longer keep them. Also at the sanctuary was a high content Coydog (Coyote Dog) named Rango, he was very cute. Yamnuska Wolfdog Sanctuary is a non profit organization so Erin and I bought a few hoodies and things from their merchandise range to help feed their animals. 

It was now past 1pm so we decided to pull over in the next town Canmore for some lunch. Rocky Mountain Bagel Co it is, mmm yum. This place not only does good Bagels but also does the best dairy free chocolate brownie/cake I have ever had! After lunch we strolled around Canmore a little, which by the way is such a cute town then got back on the road to finish off our 3hr 45min journey to Jasper. 

The Icefields parkway between Banff and Jasper is amazing! What an awesome relaxing drive, I highly recommend the whole drive actually from Calgary to Jasper.. Super scenic. We didn’t really stop as we have a whole day dedicated to stopping along the parkway on the return journey so we just tried to get to Jasper as soon as we could. 

We arrived in Jasper around 8pm, so we parked, gathered our things and checked into our room at the Whistlers Inn.. Great hotel. Seeing as by now it was almost 9pm we thought the hotels Italian restaurant Cassios Trattoria would be the easiest way to go. We both got pasta and the food was great, good choice. After dinner at 10.30pm as it is just starting to get dark but the streets are still pretty busy we looked in a few souvenir stores before heading home to bed. 

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