Day 3 – Dodging the Weather

After getting to bed late last night our 9am car pick up time seemed like a silly idea. We tried our best to make it but the best we could do was leave the house by 9.45, oh well! We walked downtown to withdraw/exchange some money and head over to Avis to pick up our car. We signed all our paperwork for our compact hire car, took our keys and arrived in the car park to find a huge 7 seater Dodge Journey… You call that compact! My car at home is a Honda Civc hatchback, so this thing scares me, how the hell am I meant to park that. 

We checked for scratches then hopped in and drove 7 levels down the carpark ramp and a few blocks back to our apartment. Carefully we maneuvered this huge beast down the ramp into our underground car park to stay until we head off tomorrow to Jasper. 

Finally, but running about an hour later then we had wanted, grabbed our things and headed off for our second attempt at the Calgary Stampede. Seeing as today we had no events booked we had to pay the $20 entry fee but we didn’t mind. Inside we went straight the international food hall since by this time it was already around 1pm. Mexican ended up being our food of choice, I got beef tacos and Erin got vegetarian nachos.. Both quite yummy. 

Off to our first show of the day.. The Bell Adrenaline show which was a bike and snow mobile stunt show, pretty cool for a show that was included with general admission. After Adrenaline we made sure grab some deep fried Oreos $7 which we had been thinking about all weekend.. Pretty yummy I thought! 

Next event was the dog bowl event which was held in a constructed grandstand in the middle of the park. Unfortunately by this point it was pouring rain and even though we had our jackets, ponchos and an umbrella we were still getting wet. The show started with a few really cute rescue dogs competing in a dog dive comp, being judged on which dog could jump the furthest into the water, super cute! But unfortunately lightening started and seeing as we were all sitting on a huge steel open scaffold, they decided to cancel the rest of the show, damn! Time to head back to the apartment to get out of this horrible weather. 
At the apartment we had some time to kill before dinner so we transferred all my stuff from my destroyed suitcase to Erin’s backup one. Watched a little TV, copied GoPro files onto our hard drives, blogged a little and by then it was dinner time. 
We hadn’t checked out 17th Ave yet which we had heard was lined with restaurants so we decided it’s our last night so we better take a look. We found a nice Korean fusion restaurant on the corner of 4th St and 17th Ave called Anju. The menu was a little confusing but we both ended up ordering some pretty nice food, we gobbled it all up, paid our bill then headed back home. At home it was TV then bed seeing as tomorrow we have a long drive to Jasper, goodnight xx. 

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